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We are specialty care.

At Marshall Health, we bring access to specialty medicine close to home. This is the kind of advanced care that helps improve your health and quality of life.  

As part of an academic medical center, Marshall Health merges innovations in treatment technologies with the latest research to find new solutions for complex and serious conditions. Our more than 250 specialists work within 70 different areas of specialty care to design treatment plans that help meet your individual needs.

From neonatal intensive care to dedicated geriatricians, our specialists are ready to care for you and your family during every phase of life. For those who aren't able to travel or prefer to meet virtually, telemedicine is offered by select physicians.

Do I need a referral?

Many of our specialists do not require referrals. Contact the specialist's office directly to determine if one is necessary.

For health care professionals who would like to make a referral, we appreciate you entrusting us to care for your patient. Please call our Physician Referral Line at 304-691-5333 or by contacting the office location directly. 

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