One of the things that makes Marshall Health different is that we have an entire care team working with you on your journey toward better health. A key player on your health care team, and your patient-centered medical home, is your clinical pharmacist. 

A clinical pharmacist is housed in the clinic or hospital with your doctors and nurses. They assist in the safe, effective use of medications through a comprehensive review of prescribed therapies and patient monitoring. At Marshall Health, our clinical pharmacists work with the inpatient clinical pharmacy team at Cabell Huntington Hospital to provide Transitions of Care services for patients at discharge until follow-up appointment in our outpatient clinics. They also work in the departments of family medicine, internal medicine, neurology, oncology and psychiatry.

Clinical pharmacists continuously communicate with patients, clinicians and medical providers to prevent, detect and resolve any medication-related issues that may arise. They counsel patients and caregivers on medication use and disease management, safe administration measures and side effect management strategies. They can also manage medications through collaborative practice agreement with physicians.

At Marshall Health, our clinical pharmacists also:

  • provide consultation and clarification to practitioners on appropriate, cost-effective therapeutic alternatives to prescribed medications and obtaining Prior Authorization for specialty medications;
  • precept and teach medical and pharmacy students and residents and serve as adjunct faculty members at the Marshall University School of Pharmacy; 
  • assure that patients receive their medications through referrals to financial counseling, insurance prior authorizations and appeals. Clinical pharmacists also assist patients in getting their medications through manufacturer programs and the 340B federal Drug Pricing Program.

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