If your child needs to stay overnight at Hoops Family Children’s Hospital for inpatient care, our team of physicians specializing in pediatric hospital medicine will be caring for them. Our program is nationally known for its leadership in pediatric hospital medicine. We offer:

  • Pediatric hospitalist physicians board certified in pediatric hospital medicine
  • Experience treating a wide variety of inpatient pediatric illnesses
  • Years of experience and training in communication, patient safety, quality improvement and pediatric research
  • Availability of a wide variety of pediatric physician subspecialists
  • Access to Hoops Family Children’s Hospital’s resources, including a team of nurses, social workers, case managers and a child life specialist
  • A coordinated plan with your child’s pediatrician when it is time to go home

Providing family-centered care

As hospitalists, we practice family-centered care. This means we see your family as an important part of your child’s care team. Each morning, we do family-centered rounds, where we meet with every patient and family. During this time, we will talk with you about how your child is doing, conduct a physical exam of your child, and come up with a plan for the day. We appreciate hearing your input and questions during this time, and throughout the day, because we realize that you are the expert on your child. We keep the child at the center of care at all times and make sure the family has a primary and active role in the treatment plan.

Pediatric hospitalists are available at all times to answer questions and address any concerns that arise. Your hospital experience is important to us, so we strive towards making it the best possible!

Andrea M. Lauffer, MD, FAAP

Clinical Interests:

Andrea M. Lauffer, MD, FAAP, is not currently accepting new patients at Marshall Health.

Lauren M. Tufts, MD, FAAP

Clinical Interests:

Lauren M. Tufts, MD, FAAP, is not currently accepting new patients at Marshall Health.