Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care combines rehabilitation, soft tissue therapy, joint manipulation and corrective exercises to treat sports injuries and improve sports performance for active people and athletes alike.

Initially, therapeutic exercises are recommended based on your injury diagnosis. Once the pain starts to subside, exercises are prescribed specific to your individual functional/biomechanical assessment, activity level, health status and other factors.

Soft tissue therapy techniques that help address painful myofascial restrictions are a vital component of chiropractic care.

Joint restrictions in the spine or joints may cause reactive muscular tightness, a potential source of pain or injury. The chiropractor uses joint manipulation to address these restrictions, help restore proper motion to the area and generally improve your body's biomechanics.

The chiropractor often offers specific advice regarding your activities, warming up and other preventive measures to free you from pain and help you return to your previous level of functioning.

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William E. Nichols, Jr., DC

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