The role of Marshall Health and the Maier Institute for Excellence in Therapeutics for Elders with Dementia is to be a resource for providers in more ways than one. Our goal is to partner with primary care physicians for specialty care while also educating physicians who are caring for patients with dementia. 

Patient Care

The Susan Edwards Drake Memory Clinic provides a multidisciplinary memory assessment for individuals with, or presenting symptoms of, dementia. Hanshaw Geriatric Center provides comprehensive, specialized medical care to the geriatric population. Patients can be referred for consultation or as a transfer of primary care.

The Memory Disorder & Dementia Clinic at Marshall Psychiatry evaluates patients for concerns regarding memory loss or other cognitive changes. Patients are provided with a thorough assessment, diagnosis and treatment options. Patients and families are also provided counseling, education and guidance.

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Continuing Education

The Maier Institute is also dedicated to providing continuing education for physicians and other healthcare providers. One of our primary initiatives focuses on Rational Benzodiazepine Avoidance and Deprescribing (RBADs). These two, 30-minute videos provide guidance on assessing patient’s benzodiazepine use and developing strategies for reducing or deprescribing as appropriate, with a particular focus on patients with dementia. These videos are presented through support from grants from the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation and the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission.

The videos can be accessed by clicking “Continuing Education.”


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