Below is a list of common symptoms and ways to alleviate them during pregnancy. It is very important to take into consideration how far along you are in your pregnancy. Any herbal remedies or nutritional supplements must be cleared by your doctor before taking.

Symptom  Throughout Pregnancy After 12 weeks Comments
Nausea & Vomiting 1 tablet vitamin B6 and ½ tablet Unisom before each meal
and at bedtime, B-natal Therapops/lozenges,
Dramamine, Bonine
1 tablet vitamin B6 and ½ tablet Unisom before each meal and at bedtime, B-natal Therapops/lozenges Increased protein, ginger products, small frequent meals, crackers,
dry toast, pre-natal vitamins before bedtime and Sea-Bands acupressure devices all decrease incidence of nausea and vomiting. Get fresh air. Do not stay in bed or at home for prolonged periods.
Diarrhea Imodium AD, Pedialyte, Gatorade Imodium AD, Pedialyte, Gatorade Increase fluid intake. Avoid spicy food. Eat only bananas, rice, apples and tea for 24 hours, then slowly add other foods.
Constipation Colace, Metamucil, Dulcolax, Miralax Colace, Metamucil, Dulcolax, Miralax Increase fluids and fiber in diet
(whole grains, fruits, vegetables). Eat prunes or figs. Be more active. Call 304-691-1400 if stool is bloody or constipation lasts longer than 3 days.
Heartburn/Indigestion Mylanta, Mylanta II, Tums, Rolaids, Zantac, Pepcid AC Mylanta, Mylanta II, Tums, Rolaids, Zantac, Pepcid AC Do not take Pepto-Bismol or anything containing aspirin. Eat smaller but more frequent meals. Avoid foods that bother you. Typical problem foods are greasy, fatty and fried. Caffeine, spicy or acidic foods can also be a problem. Chew gum. Don’t lie flat after eating. Try elevating your bed 4-6 inches.
Fever above 101°F Call your doctor Extra-Strength Tylenol
Call your doctor if fever lasts longer than 24 hours
If you experience a temperature over 101°F that doesn’t respond to Extra-Strength Tylenol and lasts longer than 24 hours call the office.
Allergies, Cold & Sinus

Increase rest and fluids

Benadryl, Zyrtec, Claritin, Allegra
Note: No “D” (decongestant)
in the above

Cough drops, saline nasal spray or neti pot

Robitussin, Cough drops, Saline nasal spray None of the following should be used anytime during pregnancy: Motrin, Advil, Excedrin, Aleve, Ibuprofen.
If you experience elevated blood pressure, do not use decongestants unless ordered by your doctor. No medicated nasal spray should be used without a doctor’s order.
Sore Throat Cloraseptic spray, Cepacol lozenges Extra-Strength Tylenol, Cloraseptic spray,
Warm water salt gargle
If you experience a temperature over 101°F, call 304-691-1400.
Headaches & Minor Pains Regular Strength Tylenol (no more than 4 per day) Regular Strength Tylenol If you experience pain that is not relieved by this treatment, call the office.

Calamine lotion, Caladryl Anti-Itch Lotion, If not effective, take Benedryl

If in one small area, use 1% cortico-steriod cream

Calamine lotion, Caladryl Anti-Itch Lotion, If not effective, take Benedryl

If in one small area, use 1% cortico-steriod cream

Take a warm bath. Some women find oatmeal in the bath to be soothing. Look for a rash.

Contact the office if you are in the last three months of pregnancy and the palms of your hands and feet are itching.

Hemorrhoids Witch hazel, Tucks Witch hazel, Tucks Preventing constipation can help prevent hemorrhoids.

Fatigue and insomnia

For fatigue and insomnia, get as much rest as you can including naps. Warm baths, massages or a cup of hot non-caffeinated tea or milk before bed may also help.

Breast tenderness

This is most noticeable during your first three months. A good support bra is helpful.

Frequent urination

This is most noticeable during the first three months and toward the end of pregnancy due to hormones and the pressure on the bladder as your uterus grows. Be sure to still drink lots of fluids even if you do have to go to the bathroom more. As long as you do not have pain or burning while urinating, going more often is normal.

Leg cramps

Women experience leg cramps most often at night. While in bed, stretch with your heels point, not the toes. Also try increasing magnesium and potassium.

Back pain

  • Wear low-heeled shoes with good arch support.
  • Ask for help when lifting heavy objects.
  • When standing for long periods, place one foot on a stool or box.
  • If your bed is too soft, have someone help you place a board between the mattress and box spring.
  • Do not bend over from the waist to pick things up – squat down, bend your knees and keep your back straight
  • Sit in chairs with good back support, or use a small pillow behind the lower part of your back.
  • Try to sleep on your side with one or two pillows between your legs for support. Avoid sleeping on your back.
  • Apply heat or cold to the painful area or massage it.
  • Ask your physician for exercises to strengthen the muscles that support your back.

Prenatal classes

We encourage all obstetrical patients to look into prenatal classes at Cabell Huntington Hospital. Childbirth classes are available as well as classes on breastfeeding, infant CPR, new baby care, and sibling classes. For information or to register, please call 304-526-BABY. 

Community service organizations

  • Cabell County Family Resource Network: 304-697-0255
  • United Way, Cabell County Substance Abuse Prevention Partnership, Education Matters, Financial Stability and Success by 6: 304-523-8929
  • Huntington City Mission: 304-523-0293

 Early childhood/development/day care

  • Birth to Three: 304-523-5444
  • Head Start & Pre-K: 304-697-4600
  • LINK Child Care Resource & Referral: 1-800-894-9540
  • TEAM for WV Children: 304-523-9587
  • WV Help Me Grow: 1-800-642-8522

Health care/nutrition

Crisis and emergency needs

  • Maternal Addiction & Recovery Center (MARC): 304-691-8730
  • Abuse Hotlines (children and adult protective services, domestic violence): 1-800-352-6513
  • Branches Domestic Violence Shelter: 304-529-2382
  • Information & Referral (referrals, utility assistance, food and clothing pantries, etc.): 304-528-5660
  • Poison Control Center: 1-800-222-1222
  • Marshall OB Concern Line: 681-378-4662