Hanshaw Geriatric Center, a division of the Department of Internal Medicine, specializes in care for older adults.

"Our patients love the convenience," said Shirley M. Neitch, M.D., director of the Hanshaw Center, noting that patients can have specialty consultations, lab work, and x-rays on site.  While it has two physicians who specialize in caring for older people, the Hanshaw Center is more than just a doctor's office.  "What makes us a geriatric clinic is that we take a multi-disciplinary approach," Dr. Neitch said.  "We have a social worker, a nurse who has a special interest in geriatrics, a physician assistant, and a lot of geriatric wellness programs."

Appointments can be made directly with the center's physicians -- no doctor's referral is needed.

The center's varied and extensive activities have been supported by the Huntington Foundation, which provided start-up and ongoing funding for the center.

One of the specialized services offered by the Hanshaw Center is a voluntary driving assessment program, which helps people who suspect they may have problems to decide whether they should continue to drive.