Marshall Health partners with Edwards Comprehensive Cancer Center to deliver the latest cancer treatments and technologies. 

Breast Oncology

Surgery is often necessary to most effectively treat breast cancer. Our breast surgeons and surgical oncologists diagnose and develop treatment plans based on each patient's unique needs.

Gynecologic Oncology

A variety of cancers can affect the female reproductive system. Our specialists are trained to treat these types of cancers using surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and hormonal therapy.

Medical Oncology

Our medical oncologists care for patients from diagnosis throughout the course of the disease by educating patients, discussing treatment options and monitoring care and treatment.

Orthopaedic Oncology

Orthopaedic oncology is the cancer specialty related to tumors that affect bone, muscle and other soft tissue. Our team determines the best way to remove the cancer and performs surgery to remove it.

Radiation Oncology

Housed at Edwards Comprehensive Cancer Center, in partnership with Cabell Huntington Hospital, our radiation oncologists delivers the latest in Image-Guided Radiation Therapy. 

Pediatric Oncology

Our fellowship-trained pediatric hematologists/oncologists have advanced training and experience in diagnosing, treating and caring for the special needs of children and teens with cancer.