Education & Training

  • Medical School: Jordan University of Science and Technology (Irbid, Jordan)
  • Medical School: George Washington University Hospital - Elective Medical Student (District of Columbia)
  • Residency: Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine - Internal Medicine (Huntington, W.Va.)
  • Fellowship: University of Alabama at Birmingham - Nephrology (Birmingham, Ala.)

Honors & Memberships

  • Member, American College of Physicians
  • Member, American Medical Association
  • Member, American Society of Nephrology


  • Certified: ACLS and BLS
  • Certified: American Board of Internal Medicine, subspecialty certification in Nephrology

Additional Languages

  • Arabic

Marshall Kidney & Hypertension Center

A provider-based department of Cabell Huntington Hospital
J. Robert Pritchard Dialysis Center
1690 Medical Center Drive
Huntington, WV 25701
Phone: 304.526.2532

Map & Directions

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