We know you're ready to get back to "normal." We are too! We also know it can be a difficult decision to get the vaccine. Your Marshall Health care team is happy to answer any questions you may have that can help make your decision easier. As for us, here are just a few of our reasons for vaccinating. Follow us to learn more about their stories and how we’re keeping our “Herd” healthy.

“Vaccines protect my patients.”

Dr. Hesham M. Awadh
Assistant Professor & Infectious Disease Specialist

"Vaccines help you make antibodies to fight and defeat the virus when you are exposed to it so that you are protected."

Dr. Mariana Lanata
Assistant Professor & Pediatric Infectious Disease Specialist

"Vaccines help us protect our children and elderly family members."

Dr. Susanna Kapourales
Assistant Professor & Pediatrician

“Vaccines slow community transmission.”

Dr. Kara S. Willenburg
Associate Professor & Chief of Infectious Diseases

“Vaccines protect our healthcare workers.”

Dr. Larry D. Dial Jr.
Associate Professor of Medicine
Chief Clinical Officer, Mountain Health Network

“I got vaccinated because I want to protect not only my health, but the health of my patients and my family. Getting vaccinated also allowed me to contribute to the hope that our world can someday return to normal.

My vaccination experience was overall positive. My symptoms from each dose were extremely mild and resolved quickly. The realization that I am now immune to this disease that has wreaked havoc on so many lives gave me such a sense of relief and gratefulness. It has also motivated me to help others find their opportunity for a chance to become vaccinated!”

Dr. Andrea M. Lauffer
Assistant Professor & Pediatric Hospitalist
Chief Health Officer, Cabell County Schools