Vincent A. Graffeo, MD

Associate Professor


Clinical Interests



Dr. Graffeo has a special interest in anatomic and clinical pathology as well as hematopathology.

Education & Training

  • Medical School: Medical College of Wisconsin (Milwaukee, Wis.)
  • Residency: Medical College of Wisconsin - Hematopathology (Milwaukee, Wis.)
  • Residency: Medical College of Wisconsin - Anatomic and Clinical Pathology (Milwaukee, Wis.)


  • Certified: American Board of Pathology in Anatomical and Clinical Pathology, subspecialty certification in Hematopathology

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Belay T, Woart A, Graffeo V. 2017. Effect of cold water-induced stress on immune response, pathology and fertility in mice during Chlamydia muridarum genital infection. Pathog Dis. 2017 4 22;75(5).
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Oakley GJ 3rd, Denning KL, Graffeo V, Griswold DC, Davis AR, Brown LG.. 2016. Same difference: A pilot study of cyclin D1, bcl-2, AMACR, and ALDH-1 identifies significant differences in expression between primary colon adenocarcinoma and its metastases. Pathol. Res. Pract. Pathol Res Pract. 2016 Nov;212(11):995-1003.
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Rankin GO, Hong SK, Anestis DK, Ball JG, Valentovic MA, Graffeo VA. 2012. Role of leukotrienes in N-(3,5-dichlorophenyl)succinimide (NDPS) and NDPS metabolite nephrotoxicity in male Fischer 344 rats. Toxicology. 2012 Oct 9;300(1-2):92-9.
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