Darshana T. Shah, PhD

Associate Dean, Office of Faculty Advancement


Clinical Interests


Dr. Darshana Shah completed her postdoctoral research training within the department of pathology at the Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine. She has been a member of the school of medicine faculty since 1997. Her passion for service has led her to attain diverse institutional roles, notably serving as founding editor-in-chief of the Marshall Journal of Medicine (MJM), West Virginia’s first online, openaccess, peer-reviewed journal. The focus of Dr. Shah’s work has been working with institutional leaders in supporting faculty by creating resources, guiding policy-building and contributing to the development of programs and practices that have positively impacted the career advancement of faculty. Her research and scholarship delve deeply into faculty vitality and retention. Dr. Shah has held a number of leadership positions in regional, national and international organizations. She is an invited faculty for Harvard Macy Institute, Leading Innovation in Health Care & Education, an annual program where participants and faculty collaborate to develop strategies and action plans for leading innovation within evolving health care delivery systems and institutions. Dr. Shah currently leads professional development in Team Science for the West Virginia Clinical and Translational Science Institute (WVCTSI). She also has a special interest in microbiology and immunology.

Education & Training

  • Graduate: University of Maryland (Baltimore, Md.)
  • Doctorate: West Virginia University School of Medicine (Morgantown, W.Va.)

Honors & Memberships

  • Editorial Board Member, Marshall Journal of Medicine
  • Editorial Board Member, Medical Education Online
  • Editorial Board Member, Medical Science Educators
  • Editorial Board Member, Medicine
  • Member, American Society of Microbiology
  • Member, Group for Research in Pathology Education
  • Member, International Network for the Science of Team Science
  • Member, International Association of Medical Science Educators (IAMSE)
  • Member, Group on Faculty Affairs (GFA), American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC)
  • Member, Group for Research in Pathology Education (GRIPE)

Additional Languages

  • Gujarati, Hindi
Darshana T. Shah, PhD, is not currently accepting new patients at Marshall Health.

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