Members of the Marshall Health Board of Directors guide the nonprofit clinical arm of the Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine in its mission to provide excellence in patient care and improve the health of the communities we serve.

Marshall Health Board Officers

Joseph I. Shapiro, MD

Vice Chair
Larry D. Dial Jr., MD

Joseph E. Evans, MD

Marshall Health Board of Directors

James B. Becker, MD

David A. Denning, MD

Mehiar El-Hamdani, MD

Susan Flesher, MD

Suzanne Holroyd, MD

Stephen M. Petrany, MD

Paulette S. Wehner, MD

Non-Voting Members

Anthony M. Alberico, MD
Peter A. Chirico, MD
Layton Cottrill, Esq.
David A. Denning, MD
Krista L. Denning, MD

Paul B. Ferguson, MD
Kevin N. Fowler
Beth L. Hammers, MBA
R. Mark Hatfield, OD, MD
James C. Jensen, MD

Raj K. Khanna, DMD, MD
Michael J. McCarthy, MA
Ali Oliashirazi, MD
Sanjeev S. Sharma, MD
J. Matthew Straub, MBA, CPA

Mark A. Studeny, MD
Nathan C. Ward, Esq.
Charles L. Yarbrough, MD